Friday, April 15, 2011

I Love ... Organizing

Yesterday, I joined Pinterest! I have had the invitation sitting in my mailbox since January, and finally decided to do something about it after learning what can be done with it. Click here to follow me!

I have been getting super frustrated recently because I bookmark and save tutorials on my Mac and on StumbleUpon, but it's so difficult to actually remember what I wanted to make. Then I end up with 200+ favorites and no way to see why I favorited it in the first place! Enter Pinterest. On Pinterest, you can pin a website, but then you choose the image from that website that you want to appear on your pin board. So. Incredibly. Helpful. So my next project is to go through my favorites and transfer them onto Pinterest. Can't wait to get organized!

About our house, we got the clear to close yesterday and have a closing date set for next Wednesday! Can't wait to move in! It won't be for a couple weeks, but it'll be great once we do move. Much of my making has been on hold because of the lack of space in our apartment, so I'm excited to get another table and make some DIY storage/organizing!