Saturday, May 21, 2011

Garage Sale Finds

I go to garage sales every weekend in the spring. It's like thrift store shopping but better in some ways, especially if you're looking for furniture. I found some cool things today while I was out that I wanted to share with you! It was nothing I was looking for. My list for weeks has consisted of a wheelbarrow, tomato cages, exercise weights that are 30+ pounds (I know what you're thinking ... they're not for me), a pitch fork, and a small sofa table for our entryway. But here's what I did find!

This cute little chair is perfect for my craft space, and all it needs is a little paint. I love the green zebra pattern. $10
I've been wanting to do some canning this year, so when I saw these antique can holders, I had to get them. $1

I've been looking for a watering can and this cute little one fit the bill. 10 cents
In the next couple days, I'll be posting a DIY on how to make a folding trellis!


  1. Those are great finds. I need to make a trellis too. I know beans need them, what other veggies would you suggest?

  2. @Kristyn DeMint

    Hey Kristyn,
    You only need a trellis for pole beans because they're more vine-y, you don't need them for bush beans so see what kind you have. You can use trellises for a lot of vegetables: peas, squash, cucumbers, pole beans, watermelon (you have to attach "hammocks" for these once the fruit gets big enough, though, because they get to weigh too much for the vine), melons, small pumpkins. For all of these, they have to be the non-bush varieties so they'll go up the trellis rather than bush out. You can even use trellises for nonbush tomatoes. I hope this helps, I'll come over and help if you need it too!