Friday, February 22, 2013

My Daily Reads

There's nothing I look forward to more on a working morning than checking my email for new posts from my favorite bloggers. The blogs listed below are my must-reads. I hope you find in them a blog you love too!

Craft Blogs
Petra does a lot of crocheting and sells her patterns online. Right now she's doing a 365 photo series and I like seeing what she's working on each day. Zoom Yummy
The Hawthorne Threads blog complements their online fabric store. They show what's just arrived in their store and some projects they're working on. Hawthorne Threads Blog
I originally started following Suzanne's blog because she does a lot of pattern making and sewing clothing. Now she just purchased a house, so there are many home DIYs on her blog. Adventures in Dressmaking
This blog has cute crochet projects, inspiration, and some craft business info. I love any modern crochet blog. The New Crochet

Random craftiness, including her recent office interior designing project. She's a sparse blogger (like me!) but I like reading her posts when she does write. Compulsive Craftiness
Novita, who lives in Tokyo, blogs about sewing projects. Most of the posts I've seen have been for pretty undergarments. VeryPurplePerson
The latest textile trends and releases, both domestic and international. She provided a really extensive review of the new lines at Quilt Market in the fall.  True Up

Food Blogs
Andie is literally the only blogger whose recipes my husband trusts. We regularly make her meatloaf, chicken parmesan wrap ups, favorite meatballs, and alfredo sauce. She's super great. Can You Stay for Dinner

Kristen is a really fun blogger and I've found several recipes of hers that I like. Her blog is a good daily read. Iowa Girl Eats
The name says it all. Yummy treats, including one I'll be making soon: Lemon Lavender Cookies. My Baking Addiction

Lifestyle Blogs
Elsie and Emma have a great blog about everything: food, style, DIY,  etc.  The best part is they often post up to three times a day. A Beautiful Mess 
I love reading about Kristy and her family in New Zealand. She also has great cookie recipes. Paisley Jade

Business Blogs
Everything Etsy really has something for everyone crafty, but I have this under business because I receive her business newsletter with posts about photography and selling on Etsy. Everything Etsy
Seth Godin's blog has thoughts on marketing and business. I'm personally inspired by his emphasis on being creative, and I always have something to think about after reading his blog. He has some great TED talks too. Seth Godin