Saturday, March 19, 2011

Bow Belt Tutorial

I found this tutorial after my sister told me about Stumble Upon. It's this great website that randomly brings up websites based on the interests that you select. SO much fun when I'm bored at work, and definitely worth checking out!

So this tutorial comes from Momtastic. You can click on the link to the blog for the full tutorial. A couple things that I did or wish I had done differently:

  1. I added two snaps on the end of the band. One snap seemed to make the belt not line up in the back (but that's partially because I did a not-so-great job of getting it in the middle!). I think next time I am going to mark the center of the width of the belt to make sure that the snap is centered.
  2. When sewing the "middle band" on the belt, the way it's done makes the back unfinished. While this doesn't show, I would suggest measuring where you would sew, then making the seam on the inside of the fabric. Then, slide the middle band down the belt before pinching the bow and pulling through. Or use Fray Check to stop fraying.
Overall, though, I love this belt and am excited to make more! Thanks, Momtastic!