Friday, March 18, 2011

"I Love..." Friday

This week has flown by for me! We heard back on our house and, thankfully, the cost to regrade the backyard is well within our price range. I know everyone always says that buying a house is stressful, but I didn't know it would be like this. 

I'm slowly trying to get back my motivation from my lazy month so there should be some new goodies in my Etsy shop soon! It's been a struggle recently with working full time, then going home to create for the shop. I'm always reading the articles on Etsy titled "Quit Your Day Job" and think that I could do it if I put in a little more work on the side. A lot of the women that are interviewed say that it was like they were working two jobs before they branched off to focus solely on their business. I would LOVE to do that! I already love creating and being able to do it as a job would be fantastic. I'll keep you posted on how this venture goes!

Today is Friday! So here are some Etsy items that caught my eye for this "I Love ...":
Viking Mug by CircaCeramics
Frida Earrings by tamar

Light Blue Alarm Clock from TheBig8s
Three Nesting Lotus Blossom Bowls by whitneysmith