Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Struggling with Creative Distraction in Business

I’m distracted constantly. At work, at home, everywhere. I can hardly even work on a project without having music or a movie on in the background. I can’t even speak without getting so sidetracked by my thoughts that I forget what’s actually coming out of my mouth (this was a particular problem making presentations in school). Although most of that doesn’t bother me too much, creative distraction has been a struggle for me recently. Especially how it relates to dedication to my small, hobby business. I desperately want to build a small business selling items that I make. However my lack of dedication to a specific project makes it tough to commit to developing one line of items. As soon as I get a project ready to sell (aka clutch purses, fabric flowers, iPhone cases), I immediately lose interest once it’s online to be sold. I no longer care to develop ideas ... I just want to move onto the next thing!

My interests are ever changing, and I don’t know how to find a project to sell that will continue to allow me to explore different creative avenues and keep a cohesive product line. I thought I’d found it with the iPhone cases. I could print whatever I wanted on them, which allowed for some creative freedom, and I sold two within the first two weeks of listing them online so there’s some market for them. But unfortunately I still feel limited by the medium, and since posting them online, have began personal embroidery and crocheting projects. 

I really just need to split my time between my current interests and my business. As much as I’d like to work on the things that interest me the most at the moment, I need to continue being dedicated to my business if I have any hope of being successful. It’s going to be really difficult; especially because I have hardly any discipline when it comes to doing things I don’t want or have to do, and I feel like my time is limited as is. I’ll give it a whirl though! If you see new designs in my shop soon, that means I’m going through with the plan. If not, I’m probably working on something I’ll enjoy myself (and maybe share on here!)!

Do you have a distraction that gets in the way of your goal? How do you deal with it?

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Here I Am!

Here's some of what I've been up to since you last saw me:

With the help of my lovely husband, we transformed my hillside garden into beautiful raised beds! It took almost 200 retaining wall stones and three cubic yards of composted soil, but doesn't it look pretty?! Now onto deer control ..
Enjoyed my favorite season (even though I might not look like it here)!
Started making iPhone and iPod cases first for my new phone, then to sell on Etsy. I like the versatility that printing on fabric lends. Check out my Etsy shop here!
I've been going to the Ann Arbor Farmers Market on Saturday mornings. Nothing beats going to Kerrytown and exploring the market and the stores.

Turned 24!
Studied for and took the GRE. Now I have some more free time on my hands and don't feel guilty about spending it not studying. And, no, I didn't embroider this as an ode to my GRE studying days. It's part of a Christmas gift!
Invested some time into making Mario and Luigi costumes for the annual Thanksgiving Turkey Fry!