Thursday, June 28, 2012

Easy Artisan Bread!

Finally! FIN-AL-LY! I've found a recipe for artisan bread that I can make and not mess up.  You may have read about my bread misadventures here and since then, I've had a couple more mishaps trying to make bagels and other bread. I'm applauding my own persistance right now. The photo above is exactly how it came out of the oven. It's like it just popped in the pot all perfect just because I put in so much effort to find a recipe I couldn't mess up. If you'd like to make some yourself, click here. It comes from Simply So Good and she also suggests different add-ins too. 

The only catch to this recipe is you need a cast iron Dutch oven. I received mine as a gift, but it's from World Market (you can see it here). And at $50, it's pretty reasonably priced. I'm not sure exactly how much heat the World Market Dutch oven knob can handle (most are 400-500 degrees F), but I also received a replacement knob (here) to make sure that the Dutch oven can go in the oven at higher temperatures.

This bread is so good, I can't wait to make some other flavors with add-ins! Enjoy!