Friday, March 11, 2011

Weekly Posting: "I Love.." Fridays and a Life Update

It's been a while since I last blogged .. mostly because my husband and I are trying to buy a house in my hometown! I'm really excited about it. Of course there have been a couple issues, namely that we had an inspection this Wednesday and the inspector found that there is a lot of water pressure on the foundation wall of the house because the backyard slants towards the house .. Yikes! We have to get it fixed before we close because of the type of loan we're getting, so hopefully it doesn't cost us too much. We should get the estimate before Monday. 

Another excuse for the lack of blogging falls into a real lack of motivation. It seems that when things get busy at work (I work at a Community Education office for a school district), I lose the desire to work on my Etsy shop or other crafty things. But when I'm at work all day with nothing to do, there's nothing I would rather be doing than creating. Plus, I really want a new sewing machine as mine was obtained by my mom at a garage sale. This is my newest desire: Brother PC-210

So I feel the need to start a routine. Enter "I Love ..." Fridays. I'll be perusing Etsy shops for things I love, just as I get into the weekend. This Friday, while I've been seeing all kinds of treasuries anticipating spring, I'm going to do one last hurrah for winter. I love sweaters, warm and cozy things, and all of the white. 

Multibubble Scarf from Clariceonline
Primitive Miniature Wood Town from saysthetree
Felted Wool Slippers from Grazim

Tealight Holders from wapa

The idea for starting the weekly collection comes from Hump Day Finds by What. No Mints?  Definitely a favorite blog of mine!