Tuesday, July 5, 2011

DIY - Thread Holder

Welcome back from a beautiful Fourth of July weekend! Hubby and I went to his aunt's lake house yesterday to spend time with family. It was fun .. Other than spending five hours on the backseat of a motorcycle! Talk about tough on your body.

Last week on one of the rainy days I made this thread holder. I went to the store looking for a basic holder to nail to the wall, but all I could find was a very nice, but very expensive, standing holder for almost $20. So I put some thought into it and ended up with a thread holder that cost only 59 cents! I apologize for not having step by step photos; with it being rainy and dark, I couldn't get anything worth posting. This tutorial makes a thread holder that holds 18 of the small Gutermann spools. If you have larger spools of thread, you can use the same methods, just make sure to give yourself enough space between the spools.

What You'll Need
One 3/16" x 36" dowel cut into 2" lengths
A scrap piece of wood, approx. 1 1/2" x 19"
Drill with 3/16" drill bit
Wood glue
Paint (if desired)

What You Need to Do
1. Measure and mark a center line down the long length of your wood piece
2. Measure and mark every one inch down the center line to give you where your posts should be positioned. If you are using a 19" piece of wood, there should be 18 marks.
3. Drill your holes where you marked. It's best if you drill about half way through.
4. Dip your dowel pieces into wood glue and place in the drilled holes. Wipe excess glue with a towel. Let sit to dry.
5. Paint if desired.
6. Hang it up!

Super simple and for 59 cents, worth the time I put into it. I think I'm going to make another because I have too much thread for just one!