Friday, January 30, 2015

DIY Pretty Perler Hama Bead Coaster Tutorial

Hi everyone and happy Friday! Hope you're all doing well. I have a cute and fun project for you today that took me back to my youth - how to make Perler (or hama) bead coasters. They're super simple and you don't need many supplies - just beads, a peg board and an iron. There are seriously so many things you can make with Perler beads that if you want to get inspired, search "Perler bead" or "hama bead" on Pinterest for a ton of neat ideas. I personally really like all the Mario-inspired creations. Since I'm on a kick of making things for my desk at work, I decided to make a couple coasters. One for my coffee mug and one for my water bottle.

You can find your supplies at most craft stores in the kids section or check at a nearby thrift store that carries craft supplies (that's where I found mine!). I've also heard that they carry them at Ikea but can't confirm it. There are all different shapes of peg boards but for these I used the big hexagon pictured. 

Step one is to place your beads in the pattern you want on the board. Pretty simple. The patterns I used or altered are this one for the snowflake and this one for the other.

Once you're done with your pattern, turn your iron onto the medium setting without steam. Cover the design with the paper (you can also use parchment paper but the ironing paper comes with most bead kits).

Iron over your design for about 30 seconds. If you have a large design, move your iron every 10 seconds or so to heat it evenly.

Be sure not to iron on your peg board or it will melt. Unfortunately that's what happened to this thrifted peg board.

The holes in the beads will be about the size of a pin when the beads are fuzed. You'll be able to see it through the paper.

While still warm, set something heavy on top of your design to prevent it from curling up while cooling. 

Once it's cooled completely, take it off the peg board. I know some people prefer to have both sides melted, so if that's you, turn over your design and repeat with the paper, ironing, etc.

I personally like the beaded look of the other side so I left my right side unfused. And there you go! Cute coasters that are inexpensive and totally customizable. Have a great weekend!